Why are Professional Dental Cleanings Important?

Why are Professional Dental Cleanings Important?

For many people, making regular visits to the dentist might seem unnecessary if they keep up a diligent oral health routine. For others, it’s an inconvenience, a financial obstacle, or even a crippling fear. 

We understand that it’s not always easy to make it to the dentist, but we also know just how detrimental it can be to your oral health if you don’t.

Here, our team at Brooklyn City Dental in Greenpoint, New York, explores why regular visits to the dentist are essential.

We screen for oral cancer

On average, 54,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year — and many of them never knew they were at risk. That’s why we make oral cancer screenings an essential part of our comprehensive service. 

Bonus: you don’t have to schedule an additional appointment. We conduct an oral cancer screening alongside your regular dental exam and give you peace of mind about your long-term oral health.  

We clean better than your brush

We stand by the recommended oral health routine of brushing and flossing twice daily. However, even if you never forget to brush or floss, chances are you’re not getting your teeth as clean as they could be. 

During your dental exams and cleanings, we clean each tooth, removing stuck-on tartar and plaque and making sure there aren’t any cavities. You simply can’t get that kind of clean at your bathroom sink.

We can catch gum disease early

Gum disease is a serious oral health condition, impacting nearly half of adults over the age of 30. With numbers like that, you’re likely at risk. 

But what happens when gum disease goes unchecked? You’re vulnerable to developing significant infections that damage your jawbone and cause you to lose your teeth. 

But when you see us every six months, you don’t have to worry about gum disease. We can catch the early warning signs and get you started on a protective treatment plan. 

We help you identify bad habits

There are many bad habits, ranging from nail-biting to poor brushing technique, that impacts your oral health. What’s worse is that without a closer look from one of our expert dentists, you may never realize you’re doing something that’s harming your teeth. 

We have powerful imaging tools

Sometimes, oral health issues occur with visible symptoms. Other times, it takes the power of an X-ray to uncover what’s really going on. That’s why we regularly update your oral health file with detailed images to help us check for impacted teeth, bone decay, tumors, and other problems that are invisible during a visible inspection.

What happens during dental cleanings and exams?

Whether it’s your first time or you simply need a refresher, we want to make sure you’re completely prepared when you arrive for your appointment. 

During the first part of your exam, we take time to discuss your oral health. We review any changes you’ve noticed and address your concerns and questions. Then, if necessary, we take an X-ray image of your teeth. 

Next is the cleaning phase. We use a special tool called a scaler that carefully removes plaque and tartar lurking below your gum line. After that, we clean and polish your teeth with a powerful toothbrush and gritty toothpaste. Finally, we perform a thorough flossing. 

As we work, we check your teeth and gums, looking for the warning signs of decay and disease. Should you require additional treatment, we walk you through the next steps and help you set up your next appointment. 

Ready to get back in the dentist's chair? We’d love to talk with you. Call or click to schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn, NY office today.

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