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A dental emergency can arise at any given point in time. If this happens to you on a Sunday, and you're googling, "dentist open on Sunday near me," Brooklyn City Dental is your answer. We're the solution or those individuals with tight work schedules or those with an immediate dental need. Not every emergency occurs during regular hours; Brooklyn City Dental has a separate team for responding to emergency situations that happen at night or over the weekend. Our round-the-clock service lets you access some of the best dental experts around to help take care of your pain

Weekend Hours

Our service is available 24/7 for alldental-related emergencies. Individuals can also make general appointments on Sundays, so that they don't have to take sick leave just for a checkup. Our team of dentists operate on Sundays from 9 am to 9 pm. In case of a dental emergency, our dental office near you is open 24/7. The Brooklyn City Dental team consists of highly- trained dental surgeons and dental practitioners who are experienced, yet caring; professional, yet compassionate.. Patients can rest assured that their appointment will be set on the same day, and treatment will begin immediately. (dental emergencies require appts?)

What Our Sunday Open Service Covers?

 A dental emergency doesn't happen at a specified time; if a patient is suffering from severe dental pain, they should book an immediate appointment. The team at Brooklyn City Dental has he necessary expertise and equipment to handle emergencies over the weekend. They work on dental emergencies like:

· Avulsed, cracked or broken teeth

· Any injury caused by sports or an impact on the teeth or jaw

· Gum diseases and infections

· Sensitive teeth

· Broken or damaged dental implants, dentures or veneers

· Wisdom tooth extraction and pain relief

· Treatment of abscesses or dental cysts

We have the best dental services near you, and take appointments onweekends, as well. No matter how serious the situation, we are here to help you. (What about holidays like the 4th of July? Are they open then?)

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