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Teeth Cleaning


Nothing compares to professional teeth cleaning, even if you brush and floss twice daily. Teeth cleaning eliminates plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria while improving the appearance of your tooth enamel. At Brooklyn Dental Spa, in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, Sofiya Shimonova, AGNP, and Nancy Aft, DDS, offer teeth cleaning to adults and teens. To make an appointment, call the office today or schedule online.

What is teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is an important part of preventive dental care. It involves your provider removing plaque and tartar from between your teeth and beneath your gums. The process is pain-free and usually takes less than 45 minutes.

What does teeth cleaning involve?

At Brooklyn Dental Spa, teeth cleaning involves a multi-step process:

Step one - Dental exam

Before cleaning your teeth, your Brooklyn Dental Spa provider assesses the health of your gums, cheeks, and tongue with a small, circular mirror. Let your provider know if you’re experiencing any unusual symptoms like a toothache or bleeding gums during this time.

Step two - Removal of plaque and tartar 

Following the exam, your provider uses a handheld tool called a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and beneath your gums. During this part of the cleaning procedure, it’s normal to hear some scraping. 

Step three - Teeth polishing

After removing all of the plaque and tartar, your Brooklyn Dental Spa provider polishes your teeth with a special toothpaste. The toothpaste has microscopic abrasives that reduce the appearance of tooth stains and discoloration.

Step four - Professional flossing

Next, your provider flosses your teeth. Flossing removes any food particles or plaque left behind and massages your gums. 

Step five - Fluoride treatment (if prescribed)

If you have an oral health history of cavities, your provider might recommend a fluoride treatment. When applied to your teeth, fluoride strengthens the enamel, reducing the risk of decay. 

Do I need X-rays or other treatments with teeth cleaning?

Depending on your age and oral health history, your Brooklyn Dental Spa provider might also recommend oral X-rays or dental sealants. X-rays capture photos of your tooth roots and jaw, while sealants are thin plastic coatings that protect teeth from harmful bacteria. 

Do I need teeth cleaning more than once a year?

Yes. Brooklyn Dental Spa recommends you schedule professional teeth cleaning every six months. This recommendation applies even if you practice preventive care at home. Regular visits to the dentist present an opportunity to catch potentially serious issues before they result in more complex problems.

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