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Bone Grafting

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If you need a permanent tooth replacement, a dental implant is the gold standard. But, what if you have too little bone to support an implant? That’s where bone grafting comes in. At Brooklyn City Dental, at two locations in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods of Brooklyn, experienced dental specialists can restore healthy bone, building up the ideal foundation for your new dental implant. Learn more about bone grafting and dental implants by calling either New York City office or scheduling online.

Bone Grafting Q & A

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a method of adding density to your jawbone. Much like spackle for a hole in a wall, a bone graft fills in the empty space where you've lost bone. A bone graft utilizes tiny bone particles that fuse with your natural bone to help you maintain normal bone structure. 

Bone grafts can come from several sources including your own body, human donors, bovines, and synthetic materials. 

Every source has benefits of its own, and the team can explain which bone graft material suits your particular needs best so you can make the right decision for your situation.

When would I need bone grafting?

There are a few situations in which you might need bone grafting, but the main reason for bone graft procedures are:

Dental implant prep

If you're planning to get a dental implant to replace a lost tooth, one of the most important factors is strong bone support. If you've lost bone following an extraction or tooth loss — a very common problem — a bone graft can restore your bone density.

Preserving your other teeth

When you lose a tooth, the bone beneath can start shrinking. As you lose bone, you can also lose stability for your remaining healthy teeth. A bone graft can stop those progressive issues. 

Restoring appearance

With significant bone loss in your jaw, you can also experience changes in your appearance, like sunken-looking cheeks or a weak jawline. Bone grafting can help to rebuild your normal appearance.

Bone grafting is now a common part of many dental procedures, especially restorative dentistry like dental implants. 

How long is healing time after bone grafting?

After bone grafting, the new bone and existing bone need time to fuse. That can take several months, potentially longer. 

During the healing process, you'll visit Brooklyn City Dental regularly so the team can monitor your progress and plan the next steps in your dental restoration process. 

At Brooklyn City Dental, the team uses the highest quality bone grafts to ensure optimal results. If you're interested in bone grafting, learn more by calling either of the Greenpoint offices or using the online booking tool.


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