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Most root canal treatments last a lifetime, but in rare cases, a tooth might develop a recurrent infection or other new problems. In those situations, you might worry that you’ll lose the tooth. Fortunately, Brooklyn City Dental can save your tooth with endodontic retreatment. The experienced dental specialists regularly perform advanced treatments to save at-risk teeth at the two offices in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Call the New York City office nearest you or use online booking to arrange an appointment.

Endodontic Re-Treatment Q & A

What is endodontic retreatment?

Endodontic retreatment is a dental procedure on a tooth that didn't heal correctly or developed new problems after a root canal. Issues may develop soon after the root canal but can also take months or years to occur. 

At Brooklyn City Dental, the experienced team performs endodontic retreatment to preserve tooth health and promote healing.

What causes root canals to fail?

In some cases, root canals fail because of problems during the procedure, including:

  • Untreated narrow or curved canals
  • Undetected canal irregularities
  • Delayed crown placement
  • Faulty crown restoration

It's also possible that a new problem develops after your treated tooth heals. Such problems can include new tooth decay and infection, crown or filling damage, a loose crown or filling, or tooth fracture.

When you come to Brooklyn City Dental for endodontic retreatment, the team can pinpoint the exact cause of your problems and perform a permanent correction.

How does endodontic retreatment work?

Endodontic retreatment starts with a full oral exam. The team administers anesthesia to keep you comfortable, then they carefully reopen the previously treated tooth. 

Your provider removes the gutta-percha (the filling material from your initial root canal) and checks all parts of your tooth to uncover the problem. 

The team removes any new areas of infection and treats your canals again. They place new gutta-percha and then close the tooth opening using a temporary filling. You may wear a temporary crown home that day.

You'll typically return to Brooklyn City Dental for a new crown, which protects the tooth and prevents recurring issues. 

What if endodontic retreatment isn't possible?

If endodontic retreatment isn't possible, the team may recommend another option such as endodontic surgery. During this type of surgery, the team makes an incision to remove the tip of your infected tooth root. 

In the rare cases where no type of endodontic treatment can save your tooth, the team may recommend tooth extraction followed by a dental implant, crown and bridge, or other tooth restoration option. 

Do you have trouble with a tooth that was previously treated with a root canal? Take action to save your tooth with endodontic retreatment. Call Brooklyn City Dental or click the online booking button to arrange your appointment.


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