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Around 40 million Americans have no teeth and about 15% get dentures every year. The experienced team at Brooklyn City Dental understands that you need affordable tooth replacement options so they offer dentures at the two offices in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Learn more about how dentures can bring back your smile by booking an appointment online or calling either New York City office.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable dental devices that replace your missing teeth. The most common denture types are:

Partial dentures 

Partial dentures replace some but not all of your teeth. These dentures usually feature tiny metal clasps that attach to your natural teeth for support. Another option is precision partial dentures, which attach using ball-type attachments on the back of crowns. 

Complete dentures 

Complete dentures replace all of your teeth. The top denture sticks to the roof of your mouth and the bottom denture adheres to the lower gums. 

Implant dentures

Another option is implant dentures, which include a full arch of dentures that attach to a small group of dental implants (usually four). Unlike standard removable dentures, implant dentures are permanent.

The Brooklyn City Dental team can explain the different denture types to help you choose the best one for you.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dentures offer several benefits including:

  • Improved speaking ability
  • Enhanced chewing and eating
  • Restored facial contours
  • Improved smile
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to care for

Another benefit of dentures is their affordability. If you need tooth replacement but can’t afford dental implants, dentures are a budget-friendly alternative. 

How do I get dentures?

First, you’ll see the Brooklyn City Dental team for a checkup and evaluation. The exam includes teeth cleaning and X-ray imaging. The team can then discuss denture preparation, including tooth extractions if you need them. 

If you’re ready to proceed with dentures, the next step is gathering molds of your mouth. These molds show the contours of your mouth and the way that your jaw moves. 

A dental lab fabricates custom dentures using your mouth molds and the Brooklyn City Dental team’s specific guidelines. When your new dentures are ready, you return for a fitting. The team can make minor adjustments to ensure the most comfortable fit. 

How long do dentures last?

Dentures usually last around 10 years. Your mouth changes as you age, mainly because of gradual depletion of the underlying jawbone. That can lead to loose or uncomfortable dentures, so you may need new dentures at some point. 

In some cases, you may need either relining (adding new soft material to your denture base) or rebasing (replacing the denture base) rather than replacing the entire denture. 

Cleaning your dentures daily and visiting the Brooklyn City Dental team for regular checkups is the best way to maximize your’s denture lifespan.

Interested in dentures? Call Brooklyn City Dental or click on the online appointment tool to learn more.


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