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Beautifying Smiles & Boosting Confidence

Whether you’re unhappy with your smile due to crowded and crooked teeth, dental damage, or the wrinkles and fine lines that frame it, our team at Brooklyn City Dental can help give you the confidence boost you need. We offer a variety of personalized cosmetic dentistry treatments to address dental and facial imperfections, from Invisalign, dental veneers, natural metal-free dental fillings and bondings, to Botox and dermal fillers. Contact our dental office to schedule a consultation for cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn with us today.

Why Choose Brooklyn City Dental for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Cosmetic Dentist with 30+ Years of Experience
  • Aesthetic Injection Specialist with Years of Experience
  • No-Interest Dental Financing Available


Woman trying on dental veneers from her cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn

Dental veneers are thin, durable porcelain sheaths that are specially designed to fit over the visible surface of individual teeth. Once attached, they can make any damage, slight misalignment, gaps, and discoloration disappear, revealing an even and bright grin. Dental porcelain is a non-porous, stain-resistant material, so your new-and-improved teeth will continue looking bright for longer.

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Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Five white dental restorations against black background

In the past, dental restorations like fillings and crowns were predominantly made from metals because they were more durable. However, thanks to advancements in the dental world, our team at Brooklyn City Dental is able to protect and restore damaged teeth without drawing attention to them. We craft our dental restorations out of natural-looking, strong materials like ceramic, porcelain, and porcelain fused to metal.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Close up of person receiving cosmetic dental bonding

It’s not uncommon for teeth to become chipped and broken due to accidents. Even the smallest amount of damage can create a great change, making your grin feel less beautiful. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest in an extensive and invasive treatment to fix these minor imperfections. Cosmetic dental bonding allows our team to erase dental damage by simply rebuilding the missing portion of teeth with the same biocompatible composite resin that we use to fill cavities.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Smiling young woman holding Invisalign clear aligner

Today, most patients with mild to moderate orthodontic issues utilize Invisalign clear aligners to address them. They are virtually unnoticeable to onlookers, conveniently removable, and allow you to maintain a professional appearance while doing what’s best for your oral health. Invisalign treatment allows you to enjoy minimal disruptions to your daily life, including continuing to eat all of your favorite foods.

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Teeth Whitening

Woman receiving professional in office teeth whitening

Store-bought teeth whitening products make big promises that they oftentimes can’t deliver or lead to unwanted side effects like extreme tooth sensitivity. Instead of sinking your money into these, try our professionally administered Zoom! in-office teeth whitening treatment. Within an hour, we can brighten your smile by up to eight shades. The products we use are not only ADA-approved, which means they’re safe to use on your teeth and gums, but they’re also concentrated and fast-acting.


Dentist giving a female patient Botox injections

Do fine lines and wrinkles frame your smile, making you appear older than you actually are? We offer BOTOX to help diminish their appearance and turn back the clock on aging, allowing you to look more in line with how you feel. Each injection only takes a few seconds, and in many cases, we’re able to complete this treatment in a 30-minute appointment, making it fast enough to fit into your lunch break.

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