Tooth Extractions – Brooklyn, NY

Removing Severely Damaged Teeth to Improve Oral Health

At Brooklyn City Dental, we understand that there’s no substitute for your natural teeth, which is why we typically don’t recommend extracting a tooth unless it’s damaged beyond repair. If this is ever the case for you, our team will work with you to restore the gap in your smile quickly so you don’t have to live with it for any longer than necessary.

Why Choose Brooklyn City Dental for Tooth Extractions?

  • Start-to-Finish Dental Implant Treatment
  • Same-Day & Sunday Appointments
  • Conveniently Located for Greenpoint Residents

When are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

We typically recommend extracting a tooth in the following situations:

  • Gum disease has caused the bone and tissue supporting a tooth to drastically deteriorate.
  • A tooth infection has spread, killing the tooth.
  • You’re experiencing pain, even after a restoration or root canal therapy.
  • There isn’t enough space in your mouth to undergo orthodontic treatment due to crowding.
  • A cavity has spread, leaving it too big to be treated with a filling.