Aesthetic Specialist - Brooklyn, NY

Get to Know Sofiya Shimonova, AGNP

Brooklyn New York aesthetic specialist Sofiya Shimonova A G N P

Sofiya Shimonova is an Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner who specializes in aesthetic medicine. She leverages her artistic expertise to design an aesthetic plan that rejuvenates and uplifts facial features. Using the Russian Technique, she skillfully enhances a patient's smile with beautiful lip augmentation. To address volume loss and sagging skin, she employs cheek augmentation to fill nasolabial folds, creating a lifted and youthful appearance. Sofiya has extensive experience with Botox, which she uses to keep her patients wrinkle-free, and she takes PDO threads to the next level by utilizing them to lift sagging skin, providing complete and instant transformation. Her patients trust her expertise, which has helped her build long-lasting relationships.

Qualifications & Achievements

Sofiya graduated with honors from Adelphi University with an Adult Health Nurse Practitioner Diploma. She holds certifications for Botox® and Juvéderm and has received training to use platelet-rich plasma. She previously worked as a Registered Nurse at a leading medical spa in Manhattan and currently holds the status of a TOP Injector in NYC. Sofiya enjoys sharing her knowledge and offers courses to help Drs, NPs, and RNs enhance their aesthetic skills.